Sunday, June 15, 2014

really? it’s Sunday again

Time is flying. That happens with getting older I suppose. Each week is a smaller and smaller fraction of your life and I suppose the relative outcome is that it passes with a blink of the eye. My intention was to write quite a few blog posts over the past week, so many thoughts festering away inside of me, fermenting into quite a brew. Just haven’t made it to the keyboard. Maybe, just maybe they will make it here in time.

The youngest boy in these parts hasn’t really gotten over his ear infection, and as such I have found myself to be a bit of a human dummy. All my previous babes have been happy enough with the latex variety, but this latest edition to the family will have none of it, only Mama is good enough. So, while he is not feeling all the best he has been falling asleep on my boob and as soon as he is gently taken off and laid down in his cot wakes and goes full throttle with the “this is not be tolerated” cry. I scoop him back up and put him back on my boob. He falls asleep straight away… and I sit. Or, if I am beyond exhausted,  perhaps I carry him to bed and lie down. Falling asleep cuddling him. He doesn’t feel well and I am his security. It is a privilege, to be that for a person – their security. It is a privilege that is easier to enjoy when there are fewer things to do and the sleep ledger isn’t too heavily in debt.

A few funny moments this past week. Riding bikes with the family only to “lose” the eldest who rode on too far ahead and didn’t know that we were heading back to the car. Learnt, through hysterical sobs,  that his sister M. does not handle a crisis well and does not want to be the eldest child. Took all but the eldest to the park on Monday and told M. and O. not to feed the birds. My advice was disregarded and they both ended up standing on the park table  surrounded by a mob of hungry ducks and other water fowl. Too funny… until I had to carry them out of “harms” way.  Also found myself in the late moments of one afternoon frantically baking cupcakes because it was Susie’s birthday and we’d nearly forgotten. What kind of a Nana would I be if I didn’t organise a last minute celebration?

Today I eventually rolled out of bed and headed on down the track to Brown Owls. As soon as I got there I wished that I’d made the effort to get up earlier and make it there on time. Such a great group of people, such interesting conversation, such lovely dovely craft. Afterwards headed out for an impromptu coffee, some sunshine and a bit of local soccer. (And that’s me done for the world cup now me thinks) Then in the afternoon I facilitated my first every crochet workshop. Yep. I actually attempted to teach other folk how to crochet. It went well too. People left having crocheted stuff. If I was ever to do it again there’d be some bits I’d do differently, but overall it went pretty well. Driving home I couldn’t stop thinking about how passionate I am about crochet, how for me it has really changed my life. I thought about how I hoped the people at the workshop went home and kept hooking away, and I hoped that it would bring positive change to their lives too. Actually I felt a bit born-again-crochet-y on the way home. A bit misty eyed about it even. Megan had reminded me earlier about our first ventures into the world of amigurumi and just how far we’d come. I hope the peeps from the workshop will look back and feel the same way one day.

So there you go, Sunday again. Short winter days and a crazy life with four fabbo kids over an ever increasing number of weeks I’ve lived formulates an equation that equals hectic (… and fricken blessed).

What about you? How does time fly?


  1. Those funny moments made me smile - thank heaven for them! Poor little guy - hope the infection clears up quickly and he starts feeling better soon! and go you! Teaching! how wonderful! I've taught a couple of people one on one and thoroughly enjoyed it... and then I feel a little proud when I see them going from strength to strength with their hooking! Hope your time flies a little less quickly this week! Know how you feel as I'm sure many others do too... blink and you miss the black hole that days sometimes vanish into!

  2. Hooray, so glad the workshop went successfully! Keep on this way and you'll soon be a crochet kingpin, earning enough for that fully equipped art studio!

  3. oh congrats on the workshop! so cool!


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