Sunday, June 8, 2014


virtù - the view above as I hook below
Those of you who pop by these parts on a semi-regular basis (thanks by the way) would know that since the weather has cooled and the days become shorter my family has been suffering through what feels like a never ending health crisis. On any given day someone is sick. The family member is different, the ailment is different, but someone is poorly. It has been wearing me down!
I’m not the best at this time of year anyway. I’m a solar powered beast, I need the suns rays to charge me up and keep me going, so when the sky turns grey and bleak so does my mood and energy. 
virtù - quiet time together - a chance to hook in the sun
There were a few opportunities this week to recharge. The bleak weather cleared and there were some clear blue skies and some vital sunrays to be captured. On one of the days I was fortunate enough to find myself near by beloved’s work, we met had a coffee & a toasty from his favourite hole in the wall and he left me sitting under some gorgeous autumnal trees watching the pedestrian traffic of the lunch time rush. Baby slept in his pram and rather than rushing to the car to head home to hang out washing, clean up and get on with the daily grind I stayed put on my bench and crocheted. Absorbing it all. Listening to the passing conversations. Watching the groups of children on excursions. Spotting the tourists, the business people, the students, the families. Noticing them all and yet seeing nothing. I was in each moment. I felt each ray on my back and in my hair and it was as if my body was storing it all up. It was a series of perfect moments. It was exactly what I needed.
virtù - recharging with sun, people watching and  crochet
I hooked an amigurumi pear. It was fun.
virtù - amigurumi  apples and pears
I hooked a bit of fruit this past week. You know what they say; “an apple a day”. So now my battery is full again and there is fruit (all be it fuzzy) in the bowl.
On a bit of a mission to clear the basket of acrylic yarns. It a real mix of things that I’ve picked up over the years. Not a lot of anything and truth be told I’m not fond of how many of them feel. I’m a bit of a yarn snob these days. Waste not want not though, so amigurumi fruit it is.
Ravelled apples and pears.


  1. Love the fruit and love the sun. Amazing what a good stint of it can do. Glad you are feeling much much better :)

  2. Oh how gorgeous!! The teacher in my says they would be wonderful for the Kindy or PP home corner/shop. Maybe I might need to get out some of my acrylics as well?


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