Sunday, June 22, 2014

winter in the backyard

virtù - winter skyvirtù - leaves on the pool covervirtù - rosemaryvirtù - upturned car

The back garden is pretty messy today. We’ve been fortunate enough to have some pretty heavy downfalls with some fairly gusty winds this past week, so the garden is full of weeds, scattered leaves and upturned toys. The skies finally cleared this afternoon. Thank goodness. There was a substantial case of cabin fever going on inside.

We got outside. Little Ace enjoyed the outdoor swing while the others fought over turns on the trampoline. There was some backyard cricket, snail catching and some hide and seek too. The fresh air benefitted us all.

Last weekend while I was out crafting it up the kids and their father did quite a bit of gardening. They planted carrot seeds, broad beans and sugar snap peas. The rains have been so heavy that we’re a little worried that the seeds might rot or have been washed away. There are no signs of seedlings yet. Trust me, the kiddos are keeping a pretty keen eye on things. Fingers crossed some seedlings will break through the earth soon.

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  1. Hope the seeds survive! I planted a garden bed full of everlastings on Saturday before Brown Owls and I was out there today when I got back from the bush to see if anything had sprouted yet. However, I have no idea what a small everlasting plant looks like and lots of weeds have sprouted too with all the rains so we will wait and see with cross fingers.


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