Monday, July 14, 2014

a leaping ballerina

virtù - leaping ballerinavirtù - leaping ballerina detail and underside

There is a leaping ballerina in these parts. She leaps and spins and has fancy hands at most times. She’s not one for being still (she is also known at The Wriggler) Just now, during the school holidays, she is a little forlorn. You see her Monday evening ballet class doesn’t run during the school holidays. Missing two weeks is just sooooo painful for her.

I’ve stitched her a little leaping ballerina.

It’s been a while since I did some stitch’n. It felt good. It felt even better when I showed M and she showered me in gleeful plaudits.

The design – a colouring in sheet from the interwebs. I used a transfer pencil to mark the design onto the white linen. I don’t use this method often, the pink markings can be a tad thick and still faintly visible under the colourful floss. Not sure if the marking will fade with a wash. In this case it doesn’t much matter since it is after all a mostly pink ballerina.


  1. Lovely stitching and a lovely idea xxx

  2. What a great gift for Miss M.
    Colouring pages are perfect for embroidery patterns. They have just the detail you need without being too fussy. I suggest it to customers often when they ask for a design & we don't stock it. They are useful the colouring pages, not just for kids! Great work.

  3. Very sweet Sally - A gleeful response sais it all! I'm sure the markings will fade in time :)

  4. Beautiful! I bet she is hanging out for next week then, not long til the ballet classes start again. Are you planning on turning it into anything?

  5. Awww that is such a sweet thing for your little ballerina....well done. xxx

  6. Looks great - didn't really notice the lines until you pointed them out. But I do agree with the use of the transfer pencil, I always worry about the lines showing through, so don't use it very often.


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