Saturday, July 26, 2014

a skort of sorts

virtù - a skort of sorts virtù - taking over the kitchenvirtù - twin needles

Before M. started kindy I purchased some blue jersey with the intent of making her a school skort. The plan was to sew them up in the school holidays before the 2013 year began. Eighteen months later the project is made. Cut out and sewed all in one day they were super easy to make. I used the funky stripes pattern from Ottobre 3/2011, lengthening the legging element to keep M. noice and toasty.

It wasn’t completely straightforward. I managed to stuff up the legs and so had to add a bum panel. I ran out of thread for one of the twin needles cms from the end of the hem. The waist band is a bit wonky too. Doesn’t matter. I don’t think M. has noticed and I don’t think she’d care if she did. She loves them. She loves going to school again too (phew!)

Its’ a finish. It’s stash-busted. It’s making friends with the overlocker and twin needles again. It’s all good.


  1. wait a sec... twin needles. OMG! I hadn't heard of these, I have to get some for my machine!

  2. Yay, well done! I have never attempted twin needles. In fact, I have never used an overlocker! Way to go! & Miss M looks great & yay for school.

  3. Done and dusted! and it's functional and works and fits and warm! tick tick tick to you!

  4. Woo! All in one pants and skirt, now that is a great school idea. Much less fiddle faddling about in the toilet too. The pre primary teacher in me is ever practical about these things.


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