Wednesday, July 30, 2014

clap your hands

virtù - noah jumper virtù - noah jumper (2) virtù -noah jumper button detailvirtù - ace wears his noah jumpervirtù - exploring at the beach 

Clap your hands! I finished baby Ace’s Noah Jumper and it fits. Over his head and everything (thankyou nifty button closure). I used a lovely bamboo yarn and it is soft and he loves to wear it. I love to cuddle him in it too! I love to cuddle him no matter what he is wearing though. I’ll even cuddle him when him when he is covered in spew and snot.

Clap your hands! Here he is at the beach exploring and eating sand while soaking in the winter sun. The jumper was perfect, the sleeves needed a little rolling up but hey on really cold mornings they can be rolled down and his hands kept nice and warm.  He is also wearing some pants I made him. Or did I make these ones for  O and then another bigger pair for O recently? I lose track – either way there are two pairs of these pants doing the washing rounds, a big pair and a small pair – their Dada does struggle with it when it comes to putting the washing away. No complaints from here though – thank you Dave for always putting the washing away (crowd goes wild with applause).

virtù - sandy face Check out that sandy face! Too cute much?

virtù - at the library Here he is being cute at the library.

Clap your hands! This project was a stash busting exercise – so when I realised that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to do the back in creamy white I added a few stripes in. I think it works well. Improvising often makes projects that little bit more special in my mind.


 virtù - ten months And here he is sitting on the rug at the park ten months on since his birth.

So much joy. So many things to clap hands about… so much so that today he started clapping his own hands. All on his own. The moment that he chose to celebrate for his first hand clapping occasion – he bigger brother doing a poo on the big toilet all on his own – well that truly is cause for applause.

Have you had reason to clap your hands today? Do share.


  1. Yay! Clapping my hands in delight.
    The jumper is adorable. Ace is adorable. Gorgeous!

  2. Well done on another great knit! It's gorgeous on him!

  3. Clap your hands, what an utter delightful wee man in his gorgeous jumper! Pat on the back for you and bigger bro too ;)


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