Tuesday, July 29, 2014

dear Nan

virtù - dear Nan

dear Nan,

Just a quick note to let you know that your youngest great grandchild sleeps with the knitted bell cat you made yonks ago. I can’t remember if this one was for me or for Brendan. I know we both had one. Either way this pretty pink and blue one survives and continues to be loved. I don’t know what it was named when we were kids, M. re-named him(?) Tinkle this morning. Lovely. The little bells in his arms and legs still ring when he moves. Such a soft and sweet sound.

I think about you knitting in your arm chair at Kirrawee. I have foggy memories of your project basket full of yarn, an assortment of needles and clippings from magazines. Nan you’d be beside yourself if you could see all the patterns and inspiration online. I wonder what you’d make of it all. You died along with the 5” floppy disc.

Anyway – best be off. My beautiful baby boy will be awake soon and I best take a shower. Dave dropped the kids at school for me this morning so I could have a bit of a lie in.

Oh Nan! You’d love all my mob.

Miss you and think of you most days.



PS – your love lives on through the things that you made.


  1. Beautiful, Sal.

    My nan who I was closest to, who cooked and sewed and crafted like I do, passed away when my youngest was less than one. She got to meet all her great grandkids but still I wish that she had been here long enough to see them through their childhood. xx

  2. Awe, totally sweet!
    My hubby's Nanna made a granny blanket for each of her Grandchildren that was only to be passed on to them when they had a baby - so the pram blanket that I use for baby Laney was made for her by her Great Grandmother - totally sweet idea & I hope that the blanket will become a treasured item (even though it is made out of cheap gawdy acrylic yarn!)

  3. Beautiful memories....I often think the same about my nan and even my mum....so special to have these little keepsakes from talented loved ones. Xx

  4. Oh this made me so teary - what a beautiful post x


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