Thursday, July 31, 2014

just a minute … in july

Listening: to the growing O. chatter and chatter away. His talking has come such a long way in the past month. He speaks using ever increasingly sophisticated sentences to express complicated concepts with the sweetest manners. He is so polite. His manners are so natural and unaffected. So sweet.


Watching: lots and lots, especially during sleepless nights nursing little baby Ace. Absolutely loved both Rectify and House of Cards. Such excellent viewing.  At the other end of the spectrum the children’s latest favourites are Sarah & Duck and Baby Jake. They just can’t get enough! (I must say I was pretty besotted with the episode titled “No More Wool”)  Took M. to see Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy at the cinema during the school holidays. She was so excited, she dressed up as a pirate and took her Tinkerbell doll with her. Too cute. Girls night out. Best time ever.

virtù - girls night out to see Tinkerbell movie

Reading… Arthur books to M, Peepo over and over to O and some sweet board books to my sweet baby Ace. I’ve been visiting our local library every second day to borrow more books for E. He read in excess of fifty texts during the school holidays. Thank goodness for libraries. Yay for them increasing their borrowing limit to fifteen on the first of this month. M. borrowed a Sarah & Duck book from the library too. Yay for that too but boo-hoo that they only have one title in their catalogue.

sarah and duck

Knitting… I’ve actually cast-on a little cardi for myself. Yep. A garment for me! We’ve had some cold cold days (relatively speaking) and I have realised that I really don’t have much of a winter wardrobe.

virtù - besties (most of the time)

Sewing… things for M (pirate costume, skort, & tracksuit) . Really must sew some bits and bobs for the boys. Also sewed some hexies together in the car (making very slow progress).

virtù - M got a black eye

Playing… in parks and at the beach when the sun is shining. M. managed to get another black eye when she fell off a small retaining wall at the beach. Ouch. So brave. On the rainy days the children played games on the computer but haven’t used the Wii for months and months. The older two have been introducing their little brother O to Dora games online. He felt pretty chuffed with this.

virtù - yummy baked pumpkinvirtù - making popcorn from A's perspective 

Cooking… lots of baked pumpkin with the intend of making ravioli only to accidentally eat it all. I did this three times in the month. Oops. Also baking lots of biscuits and muffins with the kids. O is really taking an interest in cooking these days. He especially loves to make popcorn – but really, who doesn’t?


So how about you? Has July been good to you?


  1. So much fun stuff going on....except the black eye..poor love. Cant believe it is August and marching headlong into the end of another year.

  2. sounds like a good month, black eye & all. What a sweet heart. You are managing quite a bit of knitting at least lately. That's good to hear. It's easy to pick up & put down which is good.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your knitting! Poor dot with her eye :(. Loving house of cards but havent heard of rectify...must check it out. And sarah and duck sounds cute too. Sounds like lots of lovely xx


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