Saturday, July 26, 2014

winter holidays

School’s been back for a week. Time moved erratically during the holidays. Even though the days were short some, especially the rainy ones, seemed to drag on. When the sun shone we rushed out the door to soak up the rays and clear out the cobwebs.

virtù - building with blocksvirtù - fishing with sticksvirtù - sleeping on the go virtù - digging holesvirtù - siblings on the slidevirtù - playing unovirtù - waiting for the art gallery to open its doorsvirtù - ode loved the clowns virtù - always reading - he read more than fifty books during the two week break virtù - appointments - this one to PMH

We started the holidays totally knackered. All of us. The second term had been filled with illnesses and sleepless nights and it had caught up with everyone. We were one cranky family. Perhaps not so good to have a mob of irritable people hanging out together – I suppose it was inevitable that we’d experience our fair share of conflict. Not every day was packed with exciting activities – I was playing catch-up with the everyday, haircuts, shopping, specialist appointments. Nonetheless overall we had a wonderful time, resting, hanging out, celebrating the mundane. There were card games, baking, watching movies and eating pop corn. There was lots of painting, drawing and block building. There was an adventure to the art gallery and sci-tech too.

I love spending time with my mob more than anything else in the world. I miss them so much now that the two big ones are back at school. I’m not a fan of the morning drop-off much… nine weeks to go until we get to sleep in and hang out in our pjs again.


  1. They go just way too quickly don't they! I hope everyone is healthy again after the break and stays that way for at least a little while!

  2. Love the pic of the 3 sitting on the slide. Cute!
    Cards are great! Get hold of Sleeping Queens. It is a favourite for all of us. BJ is really good at it now.
    Love the pic of Baby under your patches blanket. So sweet.
    Sounds like a nice balance of holiday time!

  3. Oh I feel you! I miss my girls too, and we had such a lovely holiday just hanging out and building lego and being. Yay for happy holidays!


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