Thursday, July 31, 2014

yoga suit – the jedi version

virtù -  yoga tracksuitvirtù - yoga tracksuit (2)virtù - yoga tracksuit (3)

Oh my dear girl! We’re only in week two of term and already you’re tired. This week you’ve been living your life on the edge of tears. The smallest thing sets you off into hysterical sobs. So much going on in that head of yours. So many things to process and work out. Your growing up and life is gradually getting more complicated. I’ll always be here for you my dear dear girl. I’ll always give you hugs. I’m sorry that I laughed when you cried. I didn’t know what else to do. (It was kinda funny, but I get that from your perspective it didn’t seem that way)

virtù - yoga tracksuit (4)

Another yoga suit for M. This one is the Jedi version. Her first one was the sunshine edition. Same pattern, different sizes. Oh my. Look how much she has grown. Still not too old to be a rocket ship though. Bless her.

Got started making this last month and had them finished for KCWC finished, except for the hem. I suppose really that means I didn’t have them finished. Back to being late. Again. It’s the norm around here these days.

The stash busting continues in these parts so there is another edition of the trackie in my mind… with any luck it will be made for this season before she outgrows the pattern.

Joining in with Leonie.


  1. Cuteness...they grow into big girls all too soon. Xxx

  2. Gorgeous jedi suit on a gorgeous rocket girl...can relate to the head full of stuff and tears and laughing xx


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