Sunday, August 24, 2014

three, it really is a special number

The not so little O. turned three this weekend. This is the third time I have thrown a party for a three year old. It is such an honour to do so. For the first time the child really understands what a birthday party is all about. There is excitement, planning and anticipation. O has been singing Happy Birthday to himself for a couple of weeks now. He stood tall and proud with a smile from ear to ear as he handed out his invitations. He knew exactly what he wanted, balloons, lollies, party hats and a Brobee cake.

virtù - making his cake and watching the flour snowvirtù - brobee cakevirtù - birthday boyvirtù - birthday boy and his much wanted party hatvirtù - party foodvirtù - singing happy birthdayvirtù - party bags

It was an excellent day. We were up before the sunrise opening presents at O’s slow and ordered pace, much to his brother and sister’s frustration. The morning was spent playing with toys, decorating the cake and making last minute party preparations before heading to the park to meet up with a small group of friends.

We had an egg and spoon race and pass the parcel and played on the swings and all the playground equipment.

The weather was so fine. Absolute perfection. The park was alive with activity. So many BBQs and children playing informal games of footy, so many sounds of glee from the playground. A wonderful buzz.

A happy happy birthday indeed.virtù - egg and spoon race


  1. Beautiful birthday party! Happy birthday little fella. xxx

  2. Happy Birthday little Man!!! amazing how things change with older siblings and so much more experience under the belts then their big brothers and sisters had at the same age! Looks like a wonderful occasion :)


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