Sunday, September 14, 2014


ace - stands to playebe - plays monopolyode - and his shadow mae - lost her first tooth

a portrait of my children, once a week in 2014

ace – stands to play, you can manage a smile even when you’ve been feeling poorly – blasted cough and cutting teeth. They’ve kept you and I awake a lot this week.

ebe – loving your first game of monopoly. You’re getting so much better at playing board games and your understanding of money is developing too. This weekend you’ve been doing odd jobs all around the house for pocket money.

ode – shadow play? You’ve an unnerving fascination with spitting out water at the moment. Actually you’re fascinating with testing all kinds of boundaries and social norms. I guess that makes you a pretty typical three year old.

mae – you lost your first tooth at the check out of Woolworths today. Your brothers (the younger one your current hairdresser of choice) and I gave you a wild round of applause which attracted a few strange looks from those around. You were so super chuffed and mega brave. I on the other hand felt like I might burst into tears, you’re losing your last baby fragments.


  Joining in with Jodi.


  1. Even though I look at your photos weekly I'm still astounded by how much they've grown. E looks like a big kid now and M losing a tooth! And how is O 3 already?! And A standing!! Many exclamation marks!!!!!

  2. Like you comment on the 3 yr old & boundaries... I will send you mine & you can teach them both at the same time! This one is doing my head in!
    Board games rock! Cheers for that first tooth!

  3. Honestly the lost tooth story had me grinning from ear to ear - priceless! Great shots :)

  4. Smiles all round...toothless ones are the best. Xxx


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