Tuesday, September 2, 2014


virtù - a kiss for dinovirtù - a hug and a kiss for dino virtù - ode and his dino

I do like to make my babes at least one gift for their birthday. For his recent third birthday I made O a dinosaur. He is loving all things dinosaur very much at the moment. He was very thrilled with it, smothering it with many kisses. Bless.

This is my first knitted softie. Previously I have sewed and crocheted soft toys but not yet knitted one. It was my first experience of knitting short rows too.  I so enjoyed making this for my sweet boy.

virtù - emrboidered label virtù - dino for Ode 

Everybody roar!
Like a dinosaur!
Do the Dinosaur Roar!




  1. What a fabulous first knitted softie. Cute for a dino.

  2. What a cute wee Dino!!! and being loved makes the whole process even more enjoyable - yay all round :)

  3. That's amazing! It's fabulous! You have come such a long way so quickly with your knitting! Well done!

  4. Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    Love it, it looks fab!

  5. Adorable! Great work! Love the cuddly Dino!

  6. That is very sweet indeed. I think this year was the first year I didn't make anything for my little one's birthday and now Im thinking I should have! Those little Mama Made labels are gorgeous too - did you sew them yourself. I want me some :)


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