Monday, September 8, 2014

drinking apple tea

virtù - drinking apple tea

Windy and gusty here in Perth today. The perfect day for sipping sweet apple tea. It continues to be chaotic in these parts. I’m start to think that that is just the way life will be from here on. So much juggling to be done. The more I practice the better I get. Lost my creative mojo there for a bit, particularly last week. Felt flat. Didn’t even want to lift up my knitting. Still haven’t got it totally back, but I have faith that the desire to be making will come back, soon even.

Sometimes I can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. All those trees can be overwhelming at times. I was reminded of great wisdom recently, “a jug is filled drip by drip”. I’ve adopted it as my mantra for the time being. I know that term four is always hectic with end of year bits and bobs, but term three turns out to be action packed too. Ms M. received a merit certificate at the school assembly, then there was book week, then Ms. M performed in her first school assembly (which was so brilliant – bravo!), Wednesday night the school hosts a learning journey where the parents are invited into the classrooms for an hour, the next day E. is getting a merit certificate at the school assembly (but I don’t think he knows), the week after he has his performance (some sort of dance routine to Happy) … oh my!

There have been assignments that need doing and homework and homework and homework…

I would say that I was looking forward to the school holidays … but I booked the two older kids into swimming lessons everyday for the full two weeks!

My mind seems to be forever racing with thoughts of one kind or another – I’m forever distracted.

Ah. Putting my feet up for small moments to quietly sip sweet apple tea. Bliss. Be. In. The. Moment.



…now back to racing.


  1. Enjoy your tea and enjoy the moment to breathe! And good luck with all the action packed days ahead!! Parenting is like that isn't it? crazy rush rush, feeling like a headless chicken... right? Congrats to your kiddos on their certificates!

  2. sip that tea slowly, savour the calm!

  3. I think life is crazy with just the one kid so I can only imagine how berserk your life must be sometimes. Keep plugging away :)

  4. I think that is a great mantra. One that I could apply to my life too, even in its much less busy state than yours. Swimming lessons every day for 2 weeks sounds like it will be pretty full on! Lots of stuff going on at school at the moment, have you got sport carnival coming up too? Well done to M and E getting certificates!

  5. goodness, I hope you get some rest time in the holidays! Well done on the merits in assembly! & I need to hunt down apple tea! Sounds amazing!

  6. Silver Threads Of Happiness sent me over to say hi, so HI!
    I think a lot of us are wanting to hit the breaks and slow down a bit, we should always make time for tea :)


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