Tuesday, September 16, 2014

gardening shoes

virtù - garden shoes at the back door

Beautiful spring weather in these parts. The garden is calling. My old cons are serving as gardening shoes. They’re completely impractical, they are riddled with holes now. My feet end up dirty despite wearing them.  I can’t bear to part with them. I do have a new pair for everyday wear but even so it seems wasteful to part with these friends just yet.

There are some painting jobs on my horizon so I am expecting that I will get use of them again then. Perhaps when they’re splattered with paint stains we will part ways. Or maybe then I will just fill them up with dirt and plant a flower in them.

With any luck I’ll be wearing them again tomorrow out in the garden. There is much to do. Weeding mostly. A little bit of vegie planting. Lots of snail relocation.

My youngest two are only too happy to help with the watering.

virtù - boys watering the garden 

Do you have anything so old and worn that it has become impractical yet you still can’t part ways?


  1. Oh yes plenty.....loving this weather....we donned our gardening gear on the weekend...mostly weeding the jungle though. Xx

  2. love the helpers! :-)
    Love your shoes. My favs... have a couple of cons... I don't wear them out so they seem to last an age! lol

  3. better than barefoot - for some reason! but one I completely get! Sounds and looks lovely and peacful :)

  4. I'm glad you've got a new pair, your red cons are so very you!! My favourite fold over pants can't be parted with. I have loved them to death. I don't think I have a single item of clothing that has ever gotten so much wear.


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