Thursday, September 18, 2014

sun is shining the weather is sweet yeah

virtù - sun is shining

What a strange day.

The sun was certainly shining and the weather was definitely sweet.

The unusual start of the day was indicative of the strange day to come. Little O hysterically woke me because we’d lost his dada. In a daze I searched the house and could not find Dave anywhere. With panic rising I eventually found him sleeping in the driver’s seat of the car parked out the front of the house, the youngest member of the family asleep in his car seat. That little Ace has been putting his Dadda and I through our paces these past two nights, there has not been a lot of sleep. There has been a lot of screaming and crying.

Breakfast was had this morning before the dishwasher was emptied. That bugs me. I know its such a small thing but in the mornings I’m all about structure and routine. The dishwasher should be emptied before breakfast is started so that the dirty dishes can go straight back in rather than clutter forming around the sink. Keeps the new day clean. Such pedantic ritual is abandoned by morning tea time, but its nice to make it to elevenses with a clean and uncluttered kitchen.

We dropped E. off at school and chatted with his teacher. I don’t see her too often because E. generally likes to walk to class on his own these days. I’m cool with that. I have my hands full and independence is a good thing. It was nice to chat with her though. She was full of nice things to say about my boy. She made some lovely remarks about my parenting too. That made me feel really good.

M. had an appointment with our GP today. We headed to a playground near by for a spot of play before hanging out in the waiting room. Turned out it wasn’t the best choice of playground as most of our party needed to do ones and twos and there was no public toilet. Still most of us managed to hang on.

Our GP had some news to share, turns out one of her other patients has just recently named there newborn baby after our O. When chatting about the name the patient had shared with our GP that she’d discovered the name chatting to [me] in the waiting room, she’d liked it and we seemed like a lovely family. How chuffed are we! The GP and I joked that clearly we had not been there for one of E.’s bee injection appointments!!!

Day was going well.

Following M’s appointment I took her to a hairdresser to have her younger brother’s work enhanced. It was one of those no appointment places. The receptionist asked us to come back in half an our and so we checked out the shopping centre toilet facilities (it was that kind of day) and then bought some snacks at Woolies. There was another playground so we consumed our snacks had a quick play and then headed back to the hairdresser… where we waited for another forty five minutes! In the end we just left, M in tears that she wasn’t having her hair cut.

The day was turning pear shaped.

It wasn’t a good travelling day for our boys. Ace screamed and cried the entire way to our GP in the morning peak hour traffic and now on our return trip O. was completely losing it in the back seat. Not far from home there was car napping. Bugger. There would be another hour and a half of overtired boy company before we could finally get them down for naps. Meanwhile a splitting headache, earache and sore throat were dogging me and frankly making me a feel a little teary. (Remember peeps – not a lot of sleep happening here)

My hero dada Dave saved the day, coming home early from work to pick E. up from school so the young boys didn’t need to be woken. It also meant that M and I could head out again later in the afternoon to get her hair cut and have a bit of girl time. While we were out we bought her first netball and then while Dave made boiled eggs, baked beans and toast for dinner I taught her chest passes in the backyard. Loving that the days are getting longer.

Now I write this post sitting at the foot of my bed. Ace has woken a couple of times already for some cuddles before being taken back to his cot, M. is sleeping here after already having a bad dream and O has just arrived and is taking up his fair share of bed real estate.

There is some sibling conflict going down just now. Some more screaming and crying.


Maybe sleep will return to these parts tomorrow night?


  1. Some days are just meh... here's to some more sleep and for better days and for sunshiny sweet days. big hugs to you x

  2. Oh will get better but for now I hope sleep and health fills your home.....sounds like you do an awesome job at juggling it all. xx

  3. Oh poor baby A & poor you... no sleep is bad for everyone... You are an amazing mother & family & I am so happy you had that reconfirmed by a stranger in passing...

  4. Sounds like the kind of fun chaos I know only too well! My two little ones have been pushing their naps back lately, which is a bugger when I have to wake them and walk two grumpy children up to school to pick Cohen up. Not a lot of sleep here either, as all three came down with a virus and now have ear infections, so there has been a lot of crying and cuddles needed at night. I'm fighting off the same bug I think. Not sure which way it's going to go yet, whether I'll get better or worse. All this to say I hear you, you are not alone, here's hoping there has been more sleep and less rivalry since you wrote this post. xx


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