Sunday, October 5, 2014


ace - loving his first birthdayebe - pensiveode - choo choomae - on the ferris wheel  a portrait of my children, once a week in 2014


ace – loving your first birthday, loving your food, loving life – baby boy you have the best giggle going around, it’s infectious. Your big brother made you a Star Wars shirt for your birthday, he’s hoping that you too will be a big fan and watch the movies over and over and over with him.

ebe – your mind never stops. Always thinking, always creating, always imagining. Your mind is beautiful.

ode – “choo choo!”  You sure are absorbing and enjoying everything that life is throwing at you. Three sure is an awesome age, so much to be excited about. So much to relish. Spending time with you and seeing the world through your eyes is pure joy. Thanks buddy for sharing.

mae – life goes round like a ferris wheel Ms. M.  Sure there are lows, but it is brilliant up there at the top and hey – the going round and round and round bit is pretty cool too don’t you think. Love being on the ride with you gorgeous girl.



Joining in with Jodi.


  1. Oh gorgeous!! These pics make me grin from ear to ear :)

  2. love them all. Such happy pics...


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