Sunday, November 2, 2014


mae - penny for your thoughtsode - checking out his reflection in the lensace - playing with waterebe - climbing a tree

a portrait of my children, once a week in 2014


mae – a penny for your thoughts? Beautiful girl you’re putting the pieces together and working it all out. You’re a strong and courageous person. Remember you don’t need a Prince to rescue you, there is nothing you cannot do for yourself.

ode – checking out the camera lens you were so enchanted to see your own reflection. Geez you’re a cutie pie (most of the time) We’ve been having such a lovely time out in the garden.

ace – you funny little boy! It’s hard being left out while all the others splash in the pool, but you sure did make the most of the tub of water I gave you to play with. You had me laughing when you decided to climb in. Too adorable for words. You sure do live up to your initials.

ebe – we went to the park and, predictably, you immediately climbed the “wobbly” tree. I let you ride your scooter home on your own since M and I weren’t ready to leave. You were surprised, but up to the challenge. You promised me that you’d be extra careful crossing the roads. My stomach ached with worry while you were gone, but seeing the proud look on your face on our return made it all worth it.


Joining in with Jodi.


  1. hahaha... the joy & amusement in O's eyes is priceless. Love them all...

  2. Such gorgeous images and stories from the last few weeks Sally - they do look like such a wonderful bunch of kids :)

  3. Encouraging independence and stretching those boundaries are an interesting time for us as parents.....your kids will be so blessed for it though. Xxxxx


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