Sunday, November 9, 2014


ebe - icecreammae - icecream loverode - worlds slowest icecream eaterace - exploring with your trolley a portrait of my children, once a week in 2014


ebe – not altogether deserving of an ice cream today, and you knew it. I didn’t want you to miss out though. You went straight back to your room afterwards. I appreciated that you cleaned your room. Boy lets be clear – I love you all the time… some of your behaviours not so much.

mae – you nearly jumped out of your skin with excitement when I came rushing out asking if you wanted an ice cream when we heard the ice cream truck in our street. Your brothers couldn’t finish theirs without help – you my ice cream guru had no such problems.

ode – as we ran up the road barefooted to the ice cream truck you de-toured onto the verge and got a foot full of prickles. Not even ice cream could cheer you up straight away. Sat you on the wheelie bin and pulled out all the prickles but you still couldn’t eat your ice cream until you had a band-aid. Little one, you are the slowest ice cream eater I have ever known. You burst into tears when you accidentally got ice cream on your face and ended up eating the ice cream from your cone with a plastic spoon.

ace – we have had so many lovely days in the garden this past week, you walking behind your little blue trolley. You’re full of joy. It’s infectious. We’re all so proud of you.



Joining in with Jodi.


  1. Oh so much icecream! Such intense eyes for the process! and that happy wee face - gorgeous!

  2. Ahhh... behaviour.. yes, the distinction between I don't like your behaviour & the child interpretation that you don't like them...
    Icecream hog! You gotta have someone that will clean up the bits that can't get finished. lol
    Hahaha... yep, spoon in a cone is a good solution.
    Love that smiley face... cute as can be & definitely infectious.

  3. It was total icecream melting day yesterday . My guys love it too when we get adventurous and chase the icecream truck...
    You are teaching your boy true love with boundaries and that is always tricky.
    Have a lovely week. Xxxx

  4. Gorgeous. Nothing better than an Mr Whippy (well thats what I call him). Sadly the ice cream truck never comes down my street - too busy for him I think :(

  5. Beautiful faces! We live a little to far out of town for Mr Whippy to visit. I have two little girls one (2) who loves ice cream and one (4) I am trying to convince to try it for the first time! Yes she's never had ice cream...hopefully in time ;-) x Dre


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