Sunday, November 16, 2014


ode - passed out on the couchace - climbing mountainsmae - getting used to her new glassesebe - striking the ball a portrait of my children, once a week in 2014


ode – passed out on the couch – it is hard working being a “big boy”. You’re thriving my dear sweet boy. You’re well and truly toilet trained and now in this past week you’ve given up all your “memes” to the dummy fairy. The pure delight and pride you experienced when you found a new pony in the fairy tree. So cute as you took “Grassy” everywhere with you, brushing his mane with the little pink brush.

ace – you’re climbing mountains! You were so thrilled with yourself to have climbed to the top of these rock all by yourself. You’re taking steps all on your own now, just three or four at a time. Crawling is still the fastest, and preferred, means of getting around. It won’t be for much longer.

mae - “I can see!” You were so excited to get your new glasses. You can’t wait to show your classmates. You’ve been practising getting used to them over this past weekend. It will get easier.

ebe – dreams of playing for Australia have been sown. For the first time this week you have started to really enjoy watching the cricket on the tele. Such intense concentration. So many questions. You’re loving playing of a Friday night.



Joining in with Jodi.

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  1. what great stories with each picture! M's glasses look great! She will thrive now. Go Mr E! You can go replace Mr Clarke in the team right now!
    Good work A! Very clever boy! & yes, being a 3 yr old is hard work. Sounds like O has come a very long way! Yay!


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