Tuesday, November 18, 2014

an ice cream dress

icecream dress 

A simple shirred dress for Ms. M made with a metre of lisette fabric. Originally destined to be part of her five year old birthday presents it didn’t make the deadline. It was then all but forgotten. Now finished it was never intended to be for her sixth birthday until when trying it on as I measured the shoulder straps she suggested it would be a lovely birthday present. “I am sure I can forget all about it” she said with a pleading tone. Too easy. I’m so thrilled that Ms. M loves it so much that she wants it to be a part of her birthday gifts for this year. Absolutely chuffed actually.

virtù - wrapping the ice cream dress

It’s now wrapped in brown paper and tired up with string pink ribbon waiting (in the back of the cupboard) to become one of her favourite things.


  1. Oh, it is very sweet, Sal. I will be more than a little sad the day my little one doesn't want mummy to sew for her anymore but luckily no signs of that so far!

  2. I love it - so happy and friendly and pink and girly perfection. No doubt she is going to be wrapped :)

  3. Love it - so gorgeous. I seriously love pink, sadly my girl seems to be losing interest in the colour :(

  4. That's just gorgeous! I hope she does forget about it and is just as in love with it all over again when she unwraps it.

  5. awww... that's just too precious... & lovely dress too. Great job!

  6. Very pretty....the sweetest little girl you have there. Xxxx


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