Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 done and dusted

Not sure what to make of 2014 just yet. In many ways it has been a very challenging year. Our youngest is not a good sleeper, a consequence of some health issues associated with his difficult birth. The year has been so draining, emotionally and physically. Tonight I sit here feeling drained. Tired. Knackered. In many ways tortured – sleep deprivation is after all a form of torture.

Could it be possible that I wake tomorrow morning miraculously refreshed ready to start a new year?


I don’t feel like I have been my best self in 2014. I am determined to change this next year. Determined.

Lots of awesomeness happening in 2014 too. First steps, first concerts, first wicket. A family holiday to Denmark (not the one in Europe) and other adventurous day trips. I also started teaching people to knit and crochet – professionally!!! This was very exciting.

The end of this year has been unbelievably busy. The year ends with some pretty big question marks hanging over 2015… but I’ll discuss those at another time. Exciting, scary, stressful, hopeful things await in the New Year.

This blog somehow got hijacked by the 52 project. I haven’t posted the portraits for a few weeks now. I’ve been taking them because I am stubborn like that. I’ll post them over the next couple of days. It all stared to feel like hard work rather than a creative endeavour. Finished it though. No doubt I’ll look back on it in a couple of years with fondness, but I won’t be doing it again next year.

I’m looking forward to getting my blog back tomorrow. I love my children very much. I’m stoked to discuss them here in this space, to share the things I make for them and my parenting highs and lows – but the 52 project saw them taking over this space… and frankly they’ve taken over enough parts of my life (in a really good way!) but this blog is about me, my thoughts, my creations, my growth… things going on for me that I’d like to record (which will inevitably involve them!)



… see you tomorrow?


  1. Happy New Year - good to see you back on your blog as I was getting concerned by your absence. Looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for you (hopefully better sleep,hey?)

  2. Sounds liek you have some exciting things going on...sounds like change is in the too...hope we can continue to share encouragement in these spaces....all the many things that make us who we are. xx

  3. I hope you have started the new year feeling a little bit refreshed, in mind if not in body. Hope Ace will get his sleeping sorted out a little bit for you this year x

  4. Change is our friend - I have no doubt you will make 2015 a great one and hopefully all the scary things are exciting and successful. :)


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