Sunday, January 4, 2015


virtù - sunday renos - spack fillingvirtù - sunday renos - painting

One of the many distractions that kept me from my craft and blogging towards the end of 2014 has been renovations. We have decided that in 2015 we’ll be putting our current abode on the market. The reasons are many, the feelings are mixed but the short of it is that the time has come for new beginnings and new adventures.

Since making our decision we’ve had the exterior of the house painted to freshen it up and had the second bathroom re-spayed. We’ve painted the driveway, the fences, and the internal doors. This past week Dave installed a shower screen – which is in my book is pretty impressive since he is a pencil pusher by trade. It has been a hard slog. There are after all four children here that also require our care and attention. The balance is a tricky one – and there have been quite a few times where we got it wrong.  There have been moments where we’ve felt like taking one step forward and two steps back. Money and cash flow, especially in the lead up to Christmas, has been incredibly stressful too. There have been some impressive meltdowns.

Today, for the first time, I felt like I could see the finish line on the distant horizon. It’s coming into sight and that has bought a sense of relief. There is still so much to do. So tricky to find the time to get it all done, especially with our sleep-protestor demanding his Mama. Even so, today I felt like this mammoth task perhaps could be done. That we can do it. We can get there.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

a new year

2015 here you are!

I’m ready for a fresh start and new adventures. I’m also ready to get back into my crafts. They have been set aside for a couple of months now. The busy increased and the mojo waned.

I haven’t set any resolutions for the year. I want to be more mindful, healthier and stronger. I want to be able to better handle and manage the stresses in my life. Bringing back the craft will be instrumental to this I think. Inner peace and calm are easier to maintain with some regular crafting.

I certainly want to be more organised. Not off to the best start since I’m yet to buy a diary. Most appointments and the like I record in my phone’s calendar but I still like to have a paper diary – to doodle ideas in if for nothing else. Routine is something that I am looking for in 2015, some structures to cling on to amidst the chaos. Nothing to rigid, but more than what there is now.

You? Do you have resolutions, goals or vague hopes for 2015?