Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Remember this blanket I made for M back in 2011?

Little fingers poking and fidgeting through the spaces in the crochet resulted in a blanket desperately in need of repair. I suspect that M took to the blanket with a pair of scissors during her toddler-hood too. The blanket had been put aside for over a year waiting to be repaired. It was puzzling to me how I was going to approach the task. Reverse crochet? Initially it all seemed a little bit too great a task.

virtù repair mae's blanket

In the end I sewed the inner circles back together. Using a large needle I threaded the yarn through the loops as best I could. It worked. For the gaping big hole I made a new square all in white. I could have made a colourful one – there are still little balls of left over yarn sitting on the coffee table in a glass fruit bowl (balls of yarn are so much prettier than fruit don’t you think?) but I thought white would be better because it reflected the fact that the blanket had indeed been fixed. Why hide it? The holes, the repairs – it’s all part of the blanket’s history. The love that I have for M. is not pristine, its flawed and wonky and yet perfect. Mistakes happen, sometime things just fall apart. Doesn’t make them any less valuable or worthless. virtù - rugged up in her newly repaired blanket

Once I had figured out how I was going to repair the blanket it was a most enjoyable task.    Sewing and crocheting even more love into the blanket I had made M when she was just two years old. Thinking of how much she has grown, so many wonderful memories and infinite reasons to love her. It was somewhat frustrating that on more than one occasion I had thought I’d finished only to discover another small breakage, but it was humorous too. That’s M. – concurrently humorous and frustrating!

 virtù - mae can't get enough reading

Only so much time this girl can stop to pose for a photo. She is in love with books. At the moment pretty much obsessed with Horrid Henry. Now she can snuggle up under her blanket, wrapped in my love, and read book and book and book…



STOP PRESS: Is she chewing the blanket in that top photo? Looks like more repair work might lay in this blankets future.


  1. Love that it will have a history.......great job on the repairs xxx

  2. That's great that you got it all fixed, it would've been sad if it wasn't doable. And you're right, much more love and history in it now!


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