Friday, March 13, 2015

a fishy hat

ace's fishy hatSome actual sewing. A hat for the smallest boy. The pieces had been cut out for months. The sewing took no more than a couple of hours that were full of interruptions from the wee folk. I’ve made so many of these hats now that I don’t even refer to the pattern instructions, which I might add if you’re interested in making a hat are fantastic. The first hat that I made Ace has been lost. Gone. Vanished. An improbable feat considering that he doesn’t much like wearing hats. This new hat isn’t getting much wear either – but from a mothering perspective I do like to have it in hand as I follow him on his explorations, ready just to try again and then scoop it up as it is torn off and tossed aside.

at swanbourne beach in his fishy hat

The smaller children and I have spent the last two days exploring the zoo. I don’t tend to go to the zoo over the summer months – too hot and I’d much rather be mixing it with water – so this was Ace’s first visit as a walker. He loved it. Walked and walked and walked. Makes for slow progress but lots of discoveries. Bless this little man. Recently very ill with foot hand and mouth virus he still isn’t 100% recovered but his stamina is that of a marathon runner’s.

Every animal we saw he waved hello and good-bye to. Super sweet. He was particularly thrilled with the tigers and the lemurs. He loved sitting on all the statues too. Each time we passed one he gestured that I put him on it. Makes for uber cute photos!!!

ace on a tortoise

No hat though!

Along the hairline of his forehead is row of sweet freckles. I lather the kid in sunscreen and just wait for the day when we can enter a true negotiation on the topic of hat wearing – you know the one, “no hat, no play”.


  1. Very sweet hat and so glad to hear your littlest is on the mend after being ill, poor wee chappie :)

  2. Oh he is so adorable...the hat wearing thing is tricky but oh so worth persevering with. xx

  3. Great work on the hat! Can't beat this pattern! Well done!

  4. Teaching kids to keep their hat on can be such a trial! Hope this hat at least doesn't get lost (or stashed away somewhere sneaky?)


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