Thursday, March 26, 2015

closure, an adventure in tying up loose ends

virtù - all aboard

Yesterday I took my youngest boy to Rottnest Island for the day. The last time he was there, in utero, I thought I’d lost him. I had left the island totally guttered and utterly bereft. With summer weather coming to an end it seemed like the right time to go back, get some closure and re-establish a happier relationship with my much loved island.

virtù - sleepingvirtù - finally awake - in his PJs on the beachvirtù - smiley

The boy feel asleep pretty much as soon as we arrived on the island. Not known for his good sleeping it was rather ironic that he slept for what seemed like an eternity. The island certainly suited him – he had an unheard of second nap in the afternoon. These sleepy moments afforded me some much needed reflection time, processing what had been such a traumatic event on the island. The tumultuous  pregnancy that followed, looking after three children, working full time and suffering from both pleurisy and pneumonia finished with a hideously dramatic birth. Wowzas.

virtù - sandcastle makingvirtù - eat sand Mama

Yet here we were, together on Rottnest Island, two years since we’d last been there on the most glorious of glorious sun shiny days. The golden sun shining brightly in a clear blue sky. It had been a gloomy cold and overcast day when we’d left last time. We’d come full circle. We’d turned it around. We’d weathered the storm. There was so much to be thankful for, and the feeling of being blessed overwhelmed my heart and on more than a few times I spontaneous burst into tears, tears of pure joy.

virtù - quokkavirtù - meeting a quokkavirtù - ace loves seagulls

This little smiley boy is so gorgeous. Such an affectionate little soul, so many hugs and so many kisses. Such a cutie saying hello the quokkas, he’s a big fan of seagulls too. We walked, we talked, we made sandcastles and we swam.

There was even some time for some crochet too while staring out at the horizon.

virtù - crochetvirtù  - a wonderful day     

A perfect day.


  1. Adorable, you look like you had a wonderful time xxx

  2. oh what a great idea to go back & make something good of your island... Looks like the most perfect time you have enjoyed with your wee one... Gee he is looking like a real little boy now... cute as can be...

  3. It sounds like it was a much needed exercise Sal. I hope Rottnest is back on the good memories list after such a lovely day out together with your little man.

  4. What a beautiful day and I am so glad that it was a full circle with so much sunshine and love to greet you at the end. Xxx

  5. Ace is so grown up (with that mouthful of teeth)!! Glad that this trip allowed you time to reflect and heal - your photographs say it all. XX

  6. How brave you are Sally. So many new adventures coming your way. Much (virtual) love xx


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