Sunday, March 22, 2015

funday sunday

The hard slog to try and get this house ready for sale or rent has resumed. Life with four children makes progress slow, a sick babe bought all “extras” to the daily routine to a grinding halt. In an effort to get some momentum back today I played single mum getting the children out of the house while Dave stayed put and tried to get things done. This is a bit of a regular gig now, I’ve taken the children up to Moore River, Penguin Island and numerous other little outings. We have loads and loads of fun. I miss Dave though, and look forward to the day when there are fewer jobs to do so that we can all just hangout as a family.

Today started with a trip to the movies. We saw Home. It was okay I suppose. Certainly didn’t blow me away, but its post-colonialist themes kept my mind engaged. We had originally aimed to catch the 10:30am session – but found that the freeway had been closed for an event and found ourselves stuck in a Sunday morning traffic jam. We were at the cinema in time for the 10:50am session but there were only seats in the front row remaining (this particular cinema does seat allocation) so we decided to wait an hour and a half for the next session. Who knew going to the movies on a Sunday morning was so popular?

virtù  - hanging out at bettys cafe

We walked around some shops for a bit and then hung out in a cafe sharing hot chips. Nothing fancy but we had a good time.

After the flick E. had to get fitted out for his soccer kit which was an interesting experience in its own right. We’re not really soccer people in this house, but most of E.’s friends at school play so he wanted to too. No worries there at all – except that we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing and understand very little about the culture surrounding soccer or the lingo. He’s excited. His uniform is bright orange! Not his best colour, but hey he couldn’t care less.

virtù - brothers eating pizzavirtù - playing in the sandpitvirtù - me and my little ones - photo taken by ebe

My crew and I headed down to Fremantle after that to get ourselves some dinner. The stars aligned for us, well me anyway, and we got ourselves a table next to the brilliant sandpit at Little Creatures. We were set for a glorious end to Sunday – sandpit play and a sunset. Life doesn’t get much better (…except if Dave had been with us and I could have had a G&T instead of a softie!).

virtù - on the dock at

After dinner there was some play in the local park and a ride on the Fremantle Skyride, aka ferris wheel.  Little old man Ode was super chuffed and excited. His older brother was pretty keen too. My dear girl was a bit worried, but relaxed after a while and our littlest Ace – well he was mesmerised, perplexed and enthralled.

virtù - on the skyride virtù - fremantle skyride

We arrived home much later than we had planned (especially on a school night), but we’d had such a lovely dovely day!


  1. sounds like a great day... so you had to vacate premises for Dave to do stuff? Good job! That's quite a feat... looks awesome!

  2. Big day indeed! Now all these amazing outings you've been posting on instagram are somewhat explained!


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