Friday, March 27, 2015

packing away a creative space

virtù - packing awayvirtù - a quilt for ace

Progress for getting our place ready for sale is very very slow. Life has a habit of throwing unexpected twists and turns our way. This week though I packed away my sewing things, including an eye-spy quilt that I have been working on for Ace.

When I first took up sewing I would set the machine up on the dining room table, but after I really started getting into it I took up residence in the grey room. Ace’s arrival saw me evicted from that space and so I took over the lounge room. Soon I was kicked out of there too, and so moved on to our bedroom. Now most of my materials, bits and bobs are packed away in storage. I still have my old machine tucked away in the cupboard in case of an emergency but I don’t really expect to be doing any sewing any time soon.

I do so hope there will be an opportunity to finish the quilt before Ace’s second birthday at the end of September. Fingers crossed.


  1. good luck with the packing...

  2. Thank goodness its getting into cooler weather and you can keep some less bulky woolen crafts around you!


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