Sunday, March 8, 2015

penguin island

the ferry to penguin island ferry goersmother and baby dolphinthe male sea lions on the beachpenguins not well - a poorly ace

The children and I ventured to Penguin Island today. We had a great adventure. We caught a ferry to the island, surprisingly the children were overly keen to canvas every worst case scenario possible for what was a five minute journey across the straight (at the right time of day you can walk to the island on a sandbar!) Arriving on the island we transferred to a glass bottom boat and explored the bay. We were fortunate enough to see a mother dolphin and her baby. The pair frolicked near our boat for ages. It was such a thrill. E was utterly absorbed and mesmerised, O. too was fascinated but kept referring to them as sharks. Meanwhile M. is perhaps not the nature loving type, showing much more interest in the stash of rice crackers in the beach bag and it would seem that Ace does not like boats! Still, in his defence he was very ill with foot hand and mouth virus. Once off the boat he welcomed the many distractions the island had to offer.

sandcastle makingthe sandcastlefun on the beachode on the boardwalk

In the morning M. had made us all vegemite rolls which we savoured before heading beach side for some sandcastle making and splashing around. The weather was glorious. The waters clear and turquoise. Lots of interesting seaweeds and grasses. So much fun was had. Sitting back on the sand watching everyone have such a fabulous time fills me up. These are the best moments. Summer loving in autumn indeedy.

mae loving the binocularschecking out the wild life - so many birdsP3083754my mob on penguin island

We didn’t get to explore the entire island, Ace was happily ensconced in the stroller. It didn’t bother me, Dave and I had kayaked to the island ten years earlier. At that time we had explored the island extensively, we’d also gone snorkelling and had the most marvellous encounter with a sea lion. It was playing with us. We’d dive under the water and do a summersault and it would do the same, then we’d come to the surface for breath and repeat over and over. It was mind blowing.

Today, solo with four children, our explorations were not quite as extensive but they were certainly satisfying. We didn’t get to see any wild penguins, but we were convinced we could hear them under the board walk. We certainly saw lots and lots of other bird species. See the world through my children’s eyes is such a gift. They show me things that I would otherwise not even notice, and they can get enthused by the smallest of discoveries. Bless them.


three out of four of my babes on penguin island


  1. Looks like a wonderful adventure! Beautiful pictures! X

  2. It is such a wonderful place...right in my neighborhood and don't get there nearly time you venture down and we could picnic together. xxx


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