Saturday, May 30, 2015


Life has continued to be busy. We've been riding a roller-coaster of emotion here in these parts. It would seem that the Perth property market decided to die just as we placed our house on the market. Peeps we are cursed when it comes to selling property – the last time we sold-up the Global Financial Crisis hit like days after we listed!!!

We've had home opens at our place for the past six (or was it seven – I'm too tired to count) weekends… no easy feat to prepare for with four small children and weekends filled with sporting and birthday party commitments. We also had a lightning trip to Adelaide at the beginning of the month to attend my partner’s aunt’s funeral. There was not a minute’s sleep the night before we left as we cleaned and prepped the house for the home open and packed for a family of six. It sounds so simple when I write about it, but at the time it was a mammoth undertaking. It was great to catch up with family and lovely to reflect on a life well lived but in hindsight we should have sat it out. We were too tired before we even left and then on return there was the unpacking and the washing and the wrangling of overtired little ones. Too much. (Oh yeah and I lost a knitting project I had been work on! Absolute bummer!)

Who knew that we could be even more sleep deprived than usual? Who knew we could be so incredibly stressed out? So much money spent getting the house ready, so much money spent marketing the property, so much time and energy expended. Pressures from Dave’s work to finalise a commitment to relocate to another office. There were so many moments when I just wanted to curl up into a ball and hide under my bed. There just wasn't time! I moved through everyday my body riddled with stress and a giant knot in my stomach. The stress saw Dave and I living every day right on the edge.

The unknowing. That too starts to feel like a curse. At the beginning the unknowing, the future full of exciting possibilities, is a thrill.  Time beats the unknowing from a distant sunny horizon into a chaotic fog. Do we bother to replace things as they break or do we wait until after the move? Is there going to be a move? Should we sign kids up for next terms extra curricular activities? The children’s questions about the future seemed endless. Answering them required the skills of a cunning politician.

We resigned ourselves to staying in Perth, which was only a disappointment in terms of the money and energy invested in leaving. After all the coastline here is amazing and we live a beautiful life here. There would be nothing bad about staying in Perth. Our life is comfortable. Just as we’d really come to terms with this an offer was finally put in on the house. Can you believe it? And then our real estate agent weaved her magic and in the course of a morning – a morning that itself was filled with highs and lows – an offer was made that whilst below our hopes was enough to warrant another roll of the dice. The fog lifted and the sunny horizon of unknowing excitedly awaits us.

So we’re off. It looks like the finance and building inspections will all go through and so we’ll be out of here at the end of term. A new roller-coaster of emotion awaits us. I will be so sad to leave Perth. I've had four babies here, I feel like there is a giant metaphorical umbilical cord that we connect me to this place forever. Since Tuesday morning when the offer was accepted and signed I've been randomly bursting into tears. Not necessarily tears of sadness, just overflowing emotion. Anything will set me off, sitting at a set of traffic lights remembering being in labour en route to the hospital , driving past a corner that Dave and I stood on watching fire works when we first arrived in Perth, thinking of friends we will no longer see.

And where to? We’re heading to a town I have only ever driven through once in 1990.  A town that is no where near my beloved coast. A proper regional town, although in some of the literature I've read it is actually described as a city. I have lived away from the coast before, I did my undergraduate degree at Australian National University in Canberra. I know that I will miss it, but with any luck I will take holidays to lots of different coasts. There will be mountains near where we live, there are no mountains here. Just hills. There will be snow not too far away too. It will be very different. The reasons for going aren't so clear to me just now. It will be nice to be close to extended family, but frankly right now quite terrifying to be physically closer to my own mother. (If I can muster the emotional energy I will write more about this later in a separate post). We will be central to Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra – a very different experience to living in one of the most isolated cities on the planet. We’re not really certain of the life we want to live when we get there – in the first instance we’ll find a rental close to Dave’s work while we get the lay of the land. There seem to be so many possibilities. Perhaps we’ll settle down close to town and walk to work and have everything on our doorstep, or live in one of the outer suburban areas with a much smaller mortgage or perhaps we’ll move to one of the small townships in the area and commute to work, maybe we’ll buy a small property and get a sheep – who knows? Which ever choice we make with any luck it will be an improvement in our lifestyle… and that is really saying something because already we lead a very fortunate life.

This weekend we’re resting up. Phew! What relief. No more home opens. We’re taking a much need break  and stepping back from the edge. What about you? What are you up to?



  1. Wow wow wow Sally........what a ride indeed......what an adventure you embarked on and is going to continue too....
    So much of what you say resonates with me....the changes ahead for us feel huge although we don't know what they will be yet. Do we change a lot? Little ? Just because we might be able to or do we cherish the life we really do have and just find a new kind of normal.
    I wish you all the very best for you all.....the move , the resettling, the new adventure for sure. Xxxx

  2. Nooooo.

    I'm really going to miss you at Brown Owls, Sal. When are you heading off?

    Congrats on the house though and I am really pleased things are happening for you now. Going off the way you talked about moving, it really seemed like this new adventure was something you guys just had to do.

  3. Congrats on selling your house Sally and all the best with your move and 'new' life. I'm just sorry I never got to meet you. I often think about you and
    your gorgeous daughter (and wonder
    how she's going). Take care x

  4. Congratulations on selling your house but oh no!! The original Brown Owls crew is really splitting up now. At least Sarah and I can still make it occasionally. And I can't even make it to the June one for a last hurrah either. Let me know when you are heading off and hopefully I can be home for a visit on your way through. We've just rearranged the house so we are now set up for lots of visitors with two guest 'queen beds and a single for anyone wanting to stay so we can fit the whole family for a night if you'd like?

    I cannot imagine home opens with 4 kids, that must have been so crazy. So glad it sold and you've got the decision made and perfect timing being able to move at the end of a term and start afresh. Lots of exciting new adventures ahead, and we'll all have to keep more up to date with our blogs for news sharing too. So pleased for you. The reasons for going will become more clear once you're there and exploring. Lots of great places to go on holidays - mountains and snow will be so much fun and hopefully you will get to the coast enough for you still.

  5. Wow, exhausting... I am feeling your stress & emotion through your words. I can't imagine it. What a ride it's been...

    But through it all, now the fog is clear may you rest up a bit & enjoy the new that is coming your way. A complete change for sure!


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