Wednesday, June 17, 2015

it’s not all sunshine and clear blue skies

virtù - its not all sunshine and clear blue skies

‘Twas cold and rainy here in the west today. Rather glum in fact. A stark contrast to the lovely morning we spent yesterday on the beach. Then it had been all sunshine and clear blue skies.

The littlest child and I ventured into the city. There were errands to do. A strange mix of tasks to cross off the rather chaotic ‘to-do list’.

Today was a good reminder of why, for the time being, I am abandoning city life. I’m a city girl. I love all it has to offer. Bright lights, narrow streets, colour… lots and lots of colour.  But with smalls in toe it can be tricky to take advantage of all its’ offerings.  Just navigating around with a cumbersome pram or stroller is a nightmare.  Languishing in cafes and wine bars are a thing of the past, so too is quietly strolling around an art gallery or reading for long periods in the library. Don’t get me wrong, there is still some time for these things, but not a part of my day to day life. These things will be come again, probably in ten or so years.

I have had some of the best times of my life in this city. When we first arrived here we rented in West Perth and then eventually moved to our very own townhouse in Leederville. I’d walk to and from the city regularly. I took advantage of all its offerings. They were party days. It wasn’t until a couple of months before the birth of our second child that we moved to suburbia. My four gorgeous children have been born in this city. Best days ever.

But some of my darkest days have also been had here. There was a very deep depressive episode in 2003 and then ante and post natal depression over 2008 and 2009. Dark and gloomy days indeed. In retrospect I can see how lucky I was to have “survived”, all thanks to the timely intervention of my partner and our excellent GP.

I am glad that I didn’t run away, that I didn’t abandon ship. Those dark overcast days taught me so much. I’m not a fan of overcast days, their gloomy nature is burdensome. But I can see they have a place, a purpose. I tolerate them.

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  1. Bit of rain to adjust you to moving east maybe? lol Enjoy your city days...


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