Tuesday, June 16, 2015

knitting on the beach in winter

virtù - knitting on the beach in winter

This morning I took my youngest boys to the beach. The sky was clear blue, the washing had been hung out, and I was in need of a coffee. The boys were both grumpy and grizzly, I find that a good dose of sunshine and fresh air is always an excellent circuit-breaker, if not a cure.

Driving to the beach I could not help wondering if this would be the last time we’d play there. There is just over three weeks until we leave Perth. Maybe we’d get there again, or more likely not. I don’t know. It is certainly one of the last times. I got to thinking about how it is so easy to take for granted that you’ll visit somewhere, or do something, again. My mind also grappled with the idea that if I know something is for certain the “last time” my behaviour changes, and often, I think, I’m less likely to enjoy it because I am so caught up with notion of finality. I think I have come to the conclusion, maybe, that I am more likely to enjoy something if I take it for granted. I’m not sure. I think this is a topic I will be giving more consideration to over the next few weeks.

Sitting on the beach I actually found some time to knit. I have started knitting a cardigan for M. even though I still haven’t finished the jumper I started a fortnight ago for E.. The boys were busy making sandcastles using paper coffee cups from Dome. Looking across Sorrento Quay I noticed all the shop signage. It occurred to me that I would be seeing it all again at our new home town. So much of retail is franchised these days. We will be living on the other side of the continent and yet so many of the shops will be the same. Same signage. Same products. Same store layout and interior design. Global and national monsters sure have chewed up and spat out local retailers. It can all be so generic. This disappoints me. 

I managed to knit a few rows before the boys wanted me to join them playing. I feel super chuffed that they love playing with me. Today O. wanted to dig a big hole. Using our arms we dug the biggest hole we could and then I was assigned the task of walking back and forth filling the hole with water using the takeaway coffee cups. It was a lot of fun. I had helped myself to a handful of wooden stirrers too so we used some of them to build bridges and the remainder we used as boats. Good times indeed people. Good times indeed.

All three of us were a little soggy around the edges and a lot sandy all over. Surely you wouldn’t go to the beach expecting anything else? Well I wouldn’t. There was, however, one mother on the beach that was quite aggressively chastising her child, who was certainly no older than two years, for getting his toes wet and his face sandy. I’m sincere when I say that I don’t like to judge. Really I don’t…. but WTF? 


So what about you? Sat on the beach knitting lately? Seen or heard anything that makes you go WTF?


  1. sounds like you had a terrific time. Shame about all the generic stores these days. I agree. Makes every place rather monotonous...
    & yes, I agree with you about the other person you saw.... keep off the beach then!!!

  2. Hello Sally,

    What a lovely way to spend the day. I agree, multi nationals have taken over the place. I much prefer single shops with the owner in the store. Enjoy your last couple of weeks in WA.

    Happy days.


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