Sunday, June 7, 2015


virtù - oddity blanket

Craft has a funny habit of reflecting life. The state of play can be seen in the tension of stitches, the colours chosen and the progress made.

Just now my crafting is chaotic. Haphazard. Sporadic. It’s an oddity. Just like this blanket. This blanket that originally started as a series of squares hooked together as part of a CAL on Ravelry in 2012 and didn’t actually start joining together until last year.

Great progress was made. Then stop. I wasn’t quiet happy. It was tossed aside for many months and retrieved again as the autumn turned colder and the stress in my life increased. Some unpicking was done. Some rearrangements. Re-sorting. Re-imagining… and now the love has been rekindled and progress once again is being made.

So much of life is in this blanket. I love it. Then not so much. Then I love it again. It truly is an oddity. My oddity blanket. I love it all the more for being so. Odd things make me smile.

virtù - oddity blanket  - a tangled mess

Who knows when it will finally be finished? Just now it is once again threatened with being tossed aside. The imminent relocation to a colder climate has seen the knitting sticks being frantically clicked together in a desperate, very much a manic, attempt to create some winter jumpers for my crew. 

Taking notice of the weather in our soon-to-be new home I observed that the maximum temperature this past Tuesday was actually two degrees less than our minimum. Freak out. We are not prepared. I have never been a fan of the cold. Not at all. I whinge and whine about the cold in these parts, complaints about being “freezing” as my teeth chatter together. In this sense it is odd to choose a cold place for a new home. It is all good though. I am determined to knit and crochet myself in love with cold weather. I can change. I have the power.

… worst case scenario – I’m left huddled under my oddity blanket, and that will surely muster a smile?


What about you? Do you like odd things?


  1. I love your blanket! Love your colours. Remember you working on it! Originally!!!

    You will have a shock at the cold no doubt, but you will also come to love the changing of seasons - a blanket to hook on a cold night is a great heater! You will be inspired for so much cold weather craft for sure!

    Go you with your blanket! Can't wait to one day see it finished!

    Odd things tell a story! Yay for a story!

  2. I too love it...the colours , the will be very well treasured on the next leg of your journey. xx

  3. It makes it special... just like the turns and curves in live make us unique and special. Our own kinds of oddities x

  4. Eek, 3 degrees colder than our minimum!! I love the cold but by that I mean our cold, I'm sure in an actual cold climate I would whinge. Cold mornings followed by lovely Winter sun is my idea of a good day not freezing mornings followed by an overcast cold day. How are those jumpers coming along?


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