Sunday, June 21, 2015

the best kind of good-bye

virtù - good-bye brown owls

It’s a wet and rainy day in these parts. My task to open up Brown Owls this morning. I went to sleep in the wee hours of the morning very conscious of the fact that I must not sleep it. I am oft late to this crafty Sunday morning session, but since I had the keys and the coffee I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. Even so I was running late and left the house a little frantic.

Not to worry. In my trusty ol’ blue car I made it there right on time. I opened up and settled into one of the lounge chairs only to discover that I had dropped stitches on my knitting. Dang it. What I thought was going to be a nightmare to repair I had fixed in a matter of five minutes. Winning!!!! …until I noticed that I had only packed one knitting needle! D’oh.

Out to the car I went, searching it like a mad person. Back inside to empty the contents of my hand bag, my craft bag. Checked under cushions. Checked under chairs. Nope. I had definitely only bought the one knitting needle with me. Bugger.

I knew that it was unlikely  many people would be at Brown Owls today. It wouldn’t have minded at all if I could have sat there in the beautiful silence, the lovely still space with my crafty goodness. But no. Time ticked on very slowly sitting there on my own.

The time wasn’t wasted though. Sitting and thinking I reflected on all the wonderful people I had met, all the amazing and funny stories I had heard. The odd heartbreaking one or two too. I thought about how much this monthly opportunity to meet up with like minded crafty souls meant to me. How I’ll miss it, but how it had also come to is natural end for me.

Saying good-bye to all those  very special people was so much better in my imagination than it ever would have been in real life. In my imagination I said all the words that I wanted to, I phrased my good-bye just right, telling people just how much they meant to me. In so many ways it was the best kind of good-bye.

Good-bye Perth Brown Owls.


  1. I am sure there is another Brown Owl space waiting for you out there at your new destination xxxxx

  2. Goodbye Sally! I look forward to your new adventures :) Bestest xColleen

  3. Just been catching up on all your news Sally. You must be just about ready to go soon. I know a very crafty kind soul living in Yakandandah. Her name is Claire from "Sweet Birdy Love" if she is close to where you end up you should look her up and tell I said Hi!

  4. so someone did come then & you didn't sit there all on your own the whole time? Phew... hope someone had a needle you could borrow....

  5. There is always another group around the corner. Another opportunity to make more friends and hear more stories :)

  6. I'm so sorry I (and everyone else) missed your last Perth Brown Owls! It's been lovely to get to know you there. I was away as I had to take Miss 3 to her swimming lesson - I'm determined she's going to learn water safety before summer. Best wishes to you and your family for a safe and wonderful onward journey.

  7. Sal, were you there alone the whole time? Oh, I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to your last one. It seems like everyone is moving on from Brown Owls at the moment, when I can next go I don't know if I'll know anyone! How annoying about the rogue knitting needle as well.


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