Sunday, June 7, 2015

the first week of winter

The first week of winter has been and gone. The pace around here was certainly slower.

virtù - litte kid

There were long lay-ins and snuggling up in the toasty bed (taking selfies – as you do).

virtù - snuggling in bed

There was bike riding around Lake Monger and an accidental swim (aka near drowning).

virtù - accidental swimmer

There was an adventure to Bunbury.


virtù - my mob in Bunbury

There was “surfing”.

virtù - ebe 'surfs'

There was dancing.

virtù - beach dancer

There was a trip to the Landsdale Farm School with my two cherubs, where we discovered that we have a lot to learn about country life and that for now we’re city slickers through and through.

virtù - two of my boys

There was the discovery that  little Ace isn’t too keen on getting up close and personal with the animals – not seen him so keen to sit in his stroller for a good while.

virtù - not keen on goats - photo by ode

There was close examination of a guinea pig. Or was it a rabbit? Ode and I weren’t really sure.

virtù - admiring the guinea pig

There were home made dinners, all the best winter comfort foods. Lots and lots of cups of tea.

… and there was generally just a fair bit of hanging out.

The first week of winter was actually pretty nice.


  1. And wasn't the weather just the best for that first week of winter.......looks like you certainly made the most of it too. Your bubba has certainly gotten big xxxx

  2. it looks like you have had a lovely week & so pleased to see you are able to sit back & enjoy it at a slower pace... Love the pic of the 4 of them, & the pic of you & A is gorgeous! You have beautiful eyes!

  3. Sounds like a lovely change of pace :)


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