Saturday, June 13, 2015


virtù - wedge island

The saying good-byes have begun.

The kids and I drove up to Wedge Island today to catch up with one of my dearest friends. A good mate. One of the most caring people I know.

virtù - puddle funvirtù - no training wheels

Wedge is a super cruisy place to hang out. The biggest boy was off in a flash exploring and playing with L.’s grandsons. The little boys were running a muck playing in puddles, lots and lots and lots of giggles. Isn’t that just one of the most precious sounds of parenthood? And the girl, well she was off and racing on a bike – her very first time riding without training wheels. The pure joy of a milestone achievement.

virtù - pinnaclesvirtù - ebe always on the runvirtù - posersvirtù - sweety

After a gourmet barbeque breakfast, we made a quick trip up to the Pinnacles. Since my dear friend and her grandsons are traditional owners in these parts we were granted free entry into the park. Her grandsons were super chuffed to have got us white fellas in for free. It was so lovely to be their guests. We explored and explored and walked and walked and had a grand time. Six children out and about and not one whinge or complaint – everyone was having that good a time.

virtù - sand dunes and wedgevirtù - odevirtù - sand dune funvirtù - sand angelvirtù - strike a pose

After lunch I did some 4wd-driving. My first time ever. I must say it was a lot of fun driving up the beach and into the sand dunes. The children all had a blast frolicking in the sand. Brilliant.

My darling M. sure does like to strike a pose these days! Meanwhile it is almost impossible to get a shot of her older brother because he is always up to something. Lots of captures of my little Ace because he never strays very far away, and my sweet Ode – well he tolerates me most of the time.

Lots of sleeping children in the car on the trip back home.

Lots of thinking time for me. Time to dwell on how I am going to miss my dear friends, but also time to acknowledge that the truest of friendships will last time and distance.


  1. Hi Sally! The dunes look amazing. Is this Wedge Island the one in Qld? [there are so many in Australia]

  2. Wow, that looks just fabulous! What a great day... bitter sweet as the coming weeks may be but the adventures will continue elsewhere...


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