Thursday, July 16, 2015

a border crossing, a desert and a caravan park

Tears streamed down my face as we crossed the border into South Australia. That’s it. We’ve left.

virtù - my mob at the border

It was a strange day. As we drove across the border there was a drizzly rain. Then the skies cleared as we walked to the border monument. Then rain again. It was like that for most of the day. The weather was the perfect reflection of my feelings. We saw so many rainbows that day – I interpreted them as signs from the universe that we were making the right decision, that we were heading towards a good future.

virtù - signs

My goodness – the Bunda cliffs of South Australia are magnificent. Impressive. Frightening. Awesome. Wowzas… looking down from the edge is terrifying.

virtù - Bunda cliffs (2)virtù - don't look down

We turned off the road at one point looking for a spot to have a snack. I got out of the car, took a couple of steps, saw the cliff edge and immediately signalled to Dave not to get the kids out of the car. Oh my! My stomach still tightens into a knot just thinking about what might have happened if I hadn’t noticed the immenient danger – it is unusual for me to be the first out of the car (I’m often tangled up in yarn!)

This was our first experience of the Bunda Cliffs.

virtù - lunch with a view

We travelled a bit further down the road and found a vantage point with fencing where we could sit, enjoy the view and eat our lunch. Food from tins is a bit of a road trip staple for us.

virtù - road signsvirtù - fewer trees

Driving across the Nullabor we finally experienced the wide expanses of nothingness I had imagined… there were still more trees and shrubs than I had anticipated  but certainly more of a treeless plain than the landscape west of Eucla. Much to my disappointment we did not see a single camel.

virtù - this man loves a good caravan

The past two nights we slept in an onsite van at the Fowlers Bay caravan park. Finally a day off from the early morning packing up the car. Everyone is getting tired so a rest day, a day to stretch our legs (and do the washing) is very much in need. Fowlers Bay is such a cute little… village? It really isn’t much more than a handful of buildings.

It was an absolute thrill for the children (and Dave) to sleep in a caravan. They are fun aren’t they? There is something about them that just promotes good quality family time. I have so many fond memories of playing games around a caravan table. My lot played a new card game called Poo.

virtù - evenings playing card games

Everyone enjoyed getting their scooters out and riding up and down the street in front of the jetty. Walks along the jetty were a gusty and windy affair.  I must say now that I have four children walking along a jetty isn’t really the relaxing experience I remember it to be in my twenties – always on the ready to dive in to fish a child out.

virtù - time for scooters at Fowlers Bayvirtù - laudry dayvirtù - brothers on the jetty virtù - chillaxing

There are some splendid sand dunes in Fowlers Bay. What a wonderful way to stretch our legs and explore after we finished the laundry.

virtù - my mobvirtù - playing in the dunes at Fowlers Bayvirtù - rolling virtù - sand dunes at Fowlers Bayvirtù - the big three

Fowlers Bay. Best place ever for a rest day. So much fun just hanging out chillaxing. So bloody brilliant not to have to pack the car in the morning.

virtù - ace just loves connect four virtù - chillaxing in the caravan

And now we’re back on the grid. Back to seeing the occasional shop. Back to townships proper. Back to cappuccinos that taste creamy and delicious. (Thank you general store in Penong) 

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