Sunday, July 19, 2015

en route to adelaide

virtù - on the jetty in Cedunavirtù - the south australian landscapevirtù - south australian fields

We came back on the grid in Ceduna. We were re-acquainted with our dear friend the country town bakery there too. The landscape from Fowlers Bay onwards has been lush green fields, big white puffy clouds and vibrant blue skies – its almost twee. Every town has a silo.

virtù - half way point

We stopped for the night in Kimba on our way to Adelaide. Dave’s grandmother was the first white person to be born in the town. It was pretty special to take the children to see the pioneer home in which she was born (although not on the original site).

virtù - pioneer home in Kimba virtù - tractor driver

Every township we’ve driven through has their flags at half mast, for Phil Walsh I suggest. Awful. So hard to understand how such a thing could happen, and yet so easy to understand the immense pain that family is in right now. Shattering.

virtù - ode and the besser brick

My poor O. hasn’t been feeling the best. He’s getting a cold and while we were in Kimba was vomiting. Thankfully not in the car!

virtù - in the car

Just outside of Port Augusta Dave and I finally completed the figure eight of driving around Australia (including Tassie). Started back in 1998, Perth was a fifteen year stop-over!

virtù - completed a figure eight around mainland Australia

It was good to get to Adelaide. Another two night stop over in a really lovely art deco self contained apartment close to the zoo and city. Today we caught up with the children’s second cousins. Our kids don’t have any first cousins and since with no family in Perth, meeting up with family is a huge thrill for them.

virtù - out and about in north Adelaide

Yesterday we walked around North Adelaide, headed to the zoo and checked out the city too. A busy day, so good to stretch the legs, even better to head back and have some naps in the afternoon!!! We are now a group of six very tired, and sometimes cranky, people. Road trip going to do it to ya!

virtù - adelaide zoo virtù - panda

Visiting the pandas at Adelaide zoo has long been something I’ve wanted to do. It is apparent that I actually have a bit of a thing for pandas. Uber chuffed, thrilled, excited, honoured… when this lovely lady ventured outside from behind the glass for a climb and stretch despite the cold weather. Somehow it made me feel close to Nan, like for that moment in time she was with me again. Irrational and strange I know, but my feeling all the same.

Tonight we’re in Hahndorf. Not very far outside of Adelaide at all. It is very very cold. Tonight our accommodation has a spa bath. Excitement plus for our children who have never had a spa bath before. So delightful to watch them discover this novelty. That’s pure joy people.

Gotta say I enjoyed laying back all on my own relaxing in the hot bath water too! My version of a spa bath is a much quieter and less exciting experience… but lovely all the same. Its been a huge year, with not very many relaxation moments, I’m out of practice. It didn’t come naturally to just lie back and chill out. With any luck there’ll be more opportunities in my future.

Off to another zoo tomorrow. This time the Monato zoo.

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