Sunday, July 12, 2015

on the road

Perth is 600kms behind us now. My heart tightens just thinking about it. It was hard to leave. We made one last visit to the zoo before driving out of town. One last drive thru Muzz Buzz too.

virtù - one last visit to the zoo - note A is about pull Ms hair!!!

We’ve driven east – alongside the pipeline to Kalgoorlie. Been through many many gorgeous country towns, lamenting that we hadn’t made more time to visit them in the fifteen years we’d lived in WA.

virtù - pipelinevirtù - the front rowvirtù - colours of Northam swimming poolvirtù - fire stationvirtù - a very special dinner date in Bruce Rock

Stopped in for dinner with the always generous Megan. So sad to be leaving WA when her baby is almost due, my heart sinks knowing that I will not be able to cuddle her babe.

We drove into Kalgoorlie in darkness on Friday night. Spent all of yesterday exploring the township and M. and I even enjoyed some quiet time at the movies. We saw Inside Out which is about the feelings a child experiences moving house. So fitting for us just now. There have been a lot of ‘tricky’ feelings experienced by every member of our family.

virtù - Kalgoorlie goldvirtù - iconic Australia virtù - Kalgoorlie streetscapevirtù - yarn bombed street of Kalgoorlie

I really adore Kalgoorlie, even though just now it is very cold. Found the most gorgeous shop, Fossik Handmade, purchased some delightfully wonderful jarrah buttons and a ceramic yarn holder. Fingers crossed it survives unbroken across to the other side of this island.

There is something truly magical about this town. The wide streets, the red earth, the architecture and the all the corrugated iron fences and roofs.

Mining is big here. Big just doesn’t describe the super-pit that sits on the edge of town. Mind blowing.

virtù - the super pitvirtù - my mob in the digger

This morning we’re on our way to the Nullabor. Tonight we’ll be sleeping in Cocklebiddy.

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