Thursday, July 30, 2015


This whole looking for a home thing is really starting to get to me… most of all because I’ve been missing and worrying about my dearest fur-friend Raja. The other day, after returning from our snow adventures, I burst into tears. Not trickle down your face tears, full on sobbing sort of tears.

Thankfully we found a pet-friendly motel to stay in for the time being and so today we drove down to Melbourne to collect the missing piece of our family.

Raja’s flight didn’t arrive until late in the afternoon so we visited Melbourne zoo. The last time I visited E. was a toddler and M. was growing within. It was a bitterly cold day so we pretty much had the entire zoo to ourselves. In order to stay toasty we spent much of our time hanging out in the butterfly enclosure.

virtù - butterflies

I think hanging out with butterflies is good for the soul. It certainly cheered me up, such a thrill when they land on you. We all really enjoyed it.

It was such a relief to collect Raja and see that he was all in one piece, alive and healthy. He was super pleased to see us too. (I know this because he didn’t complain the entire drive home!)

virtu  - reunitedTogether again. Phew.

Now if only we had a home…

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  1. hard leaving a pet behind... glad you got him back quickly.


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