Tuesday, July 28, 2015

up and down the mountain

virtu - at the snow

We’ve been on this side of the island for a week now. It’s been full on. We’re desperately trying to find ourselves a home. The children are beyond tired, and it has been a bit anti-climatic still spending so much time in the car driving around checking out rentals. Thank goodness for google maps!

At the end of last week we’d thought we’d found our selves a super little home so while we waited for our application to be processed we popped down to the snow at Falls Creek.  The children's first exposure to snow. Amazing snow at that. So dry and powdery. I fear they’re going to have unrealistic expectations of snow life in Australia.

Driving up the mountain we listened to O’s favourite all time track “Let it Go”. Clichéd yes. Good fun all of us singing along – hell yeah. Building a snow man wasn’t as exciting as we’d all imagined it to be … rather a lot of hard work actually. So our Olaf never really came to life… maybe next season when we’re all kitted out with better gloves. 

It would seem our little O. is our biggest snow-bunny. He went up and down the toboggan run over and over and over again. Meanwhile his little brother wasn’t having any of it, refusing to be put down for even the briefest moments.

Disappointedly we learnt this morning that missed out on the property we’d applied for. Arghhhhh! Starting to freak out a bit. Energy levels are low and the prospect of more motel living is … blah. Most of all I am really missing my beautiful cat who is still waiting to be flown over from WA.

Deep in my heart I know it is all for the best. I know that what is meant to be will be and that we will find a home… but the waiting. The not knowing. It’s starting to become overwhelming. The kids are tired. They’re seeking stability.

Just now we’re all riding a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Trying to enjoy the thrill of the ride – but sort of also wanting to hop off just now.

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