Tuesday, July 7, 2015

waiting awhile

A joke that I was introduced to pretty much on arrival to Western Australia fifteen years ago was that W.A. stood for “wait awhile”. Now at the end of our residence in this fine state we find ourselves waiting.

Settlement was supposed to be finalised last Friday, but our buyer has delayed. We suspect there is an element of game playing involved. The week leading up to settlement was perhaps one of the most stressful I’ve known. Full moon, overtiredness and generally unsettling levels of anxiety are never a good recipe. Last Thursday night Dave and I stayed up the entire night packing the shipping container. Friday came about and with a sense of relief we watched the container loaded onto the back of a truck, destined for Melbourne. That afternoon settlement was to be finalised and we would clean up the house and start our adventure.

It was not to be.

In some ways the delay has been a relief. An opportunity to slow down. Stop. Breathe. Take stock. In other ways it is a new stress and a frustration. I’m super stoked though with how well Dave and I have have taken this hitch in our stride. We were yet to make concrete plans regarding our departure and cross continental journey. We’ve been in this game long enough now to know not to make plans that rely on other people being predictable. Always allow for the unexpected. Our approach has paid off.

We’ve been camping in our lounge room. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. The buyer has three business days to delay settlement until they incur penalties. Now we are all very much itching to get going. With any luck settlement will be finalised tomorrow and then we can start making some actual plans about our departure. I think we’re all really needing a bit more control and certainty in our lives. 


  1. Hope the waiting is over soon. It can be so unbelievably tiring and tedious waiting and not knowing! Fingers crossed it happens for you soon :)

  2. hi Sally - so sorry i missed this! for some reason i woke up this morning and thought of you, so i sought out your blog for the first time in ages. 2015 has been a challenging year for us and my dear dad died in May so i have pretty much abandoned my blog for a while! Hoping your move went well and you are enjoying your new adventure. will you start blogging again when you feel ready? sending lots of love xxxx


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