Sunday, August 9, 2015

a big week

Signed the lease on Monday. Dave started work at his new office.

Moved in on Tuesday. Good-bye motels. Yay! Hello camping on the floor.

Shipping container with our stuff arrived on Wednesday. Dave and I unpacked it on our own in the rain in just under the allotted two-hours. Such a stressful day trying to get everything out and manage childhood tantrums and hunger and the like – but we did it. Cannot describe the sense of relief when we finished. Amazing.

Big kids started at their new school on Thursday.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and more today Sunday… cleaning, unpacking, re-assembling furniture, shopping…

We are surrounded by chaos. Boxes, upon boxes of stuff. Exhausting. Exciting to re-discovering stuff too. But mostly exhausting.

Feels good to have a place to make our home.

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