Friday, August 21, 2015

almost broken

virtu - our backyard

Oh my! The past week or so has been tough. All four children have been incredibly ill. I suppose the older children don’t have immunity to eastern state germs. M has been the sickest. The doctor was very concerned by how dehydrated she was, but we managed to keep her hydrated enough so that she didn’t need an IV.  She has missed more than a week of school. Not great since she’d only just started.

All the boys have been awfully ill too.

The situation has been overwhelming. Nothing has been easy. It’s the little things that have been adding up. Little things like not knowing the good places to park the car to just quickly nip into the shops, or knowing the order of the aisles in the grocery store so that the essentials can be easily purchased with four sick children in toe.

The isolation at this time has been hard too. There are no friends, no family. I know no one. No other parents at school pick-up to share a quick joke with to lift my spirits. Nothing is familiar. No-one is familiar.

Add a week of little to no sleep and I’ve been ready to crack. 

This past week I have really questioned if leaving home was such a good idea after all.

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