Sunday, August 23, 2015


virtù - the birthday boyvirtù - a robot cake for ode

My little Ode is four.

To celebrate I baked him a robot cake. He’s a bit of a robot fan, and gathering quite the robot collection. It was the first time I’d made this particular butter cake – the recipe called for ten egg yolks and buttermilk – it was delicious. I made the fondant from scratch too. Not so tricky really.

I promised him before we’d left Perth that I’d take him to the snow for his birthday. So that’s what we did. We had the cake for breakfast, jumped in the car and headed to the snow. This time Mount Buffalo.

virtù - a day at the snow virtù - a milkshake

A day of tobogganing fun, finished off with a celebratory strawberry milkshake.

A great day.


  1. Fabulous cake! Can't believe he's 4... (OK a few months ago.) School soon too huh? Ekkk... Or is it the year after in vic? Lovely day!


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