Wednesday, September 30, 2015

two already

virtù - two already

Our youngest is two already!

What a funny little chap he is. The tradition for two year olds in our family is that their birthday cake relates to their favourite nursery rhyme. The first born had a Baa Baa Black Sheep cake, the girl a glittery Twinkle Star and there was a Row Row Row Your Boat cake for our little Ode.  But what for our youngest family member? In truth I probably should have made a big red stop sign because that is what he hollers whenever anyone bursts into song; “Stop! STOP!”. I’ve not know any child to be so anti-nursery rhymes, in fact anti-singing anything, in all me years.

The boy does love farm animals though. He’ll sit in the car on long drives quite happily pointing out all the animals. He doesn’t tire of them. He points out the hundredth cow or sheep with as much excitement as the first. I suppose this is why the boy tolerates, and it really is just tolerating, his family singing Old MacDonald had a farm.

virtù - singing happy birthday.

He didn’t seem to mind us all singing him “Happy Birthday” either which was kinda nice.

The Old MacDonald Cake didn’t turn out as well as it was going to look in my mind’s eye. Something didn’t quite work with the fondant icing… which is bizzare because I swear I made it exactly the same as I did for Ode’s fourth birthday just a month ago! Go figure.

Not to worry, the birthday boy absolutely adored his cake. Playing with the animals on top of the cake as he waited for candle to be lit and then again as he waited for it to be cut. The other kids were all rather chuffed with the idea of toys on the cake and have since put in elaborate requests involving all kinds of toys. Oh my!

virtù - old macdonald cake

And what of those past two years? Tears continue to roll down my cheeks when I recall his birth, the feelings still so raw. The boy still isn’t a great sleeper when he’s on his own, he is loves his Mama so much. Slowly though he has begun to step away. This May for the very first time he let another person (other than his parents)  hold him and he has since dipped his big toe into some occasional care and survived. It’s onwards and upwards for him now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

weekend past

virtù - odd tulip

This weekend past the family and I took a whirlwind trip to the nation’s Capital. It has been more than two years since I was last there, and that trip too was an overnighter. Before that it had been last century since I’d been to Canberra, back in the days when I had lived there as a uni student. Way back then, many many moons ago in the last millennium.

This past weekend there were some opportunities to visit some of my ol’ stomping grounds, this time with my children. Such a surreal feeling to be sitting in buildings, relatively unchanged, with my children in my utterly changed life. I don’t think my past self could have ever imagined what my life is like now. Just wouldn’t have been on the radar way back then. Odd. It was odd. Odd good, with a splash of odd sad.

There was lots of new opportunities too. For the first time I visited Australia’s National Museum. What a fantastic institution that is. I must say I lingered at all the exhibits relating to Western Australia. I’m feeling more than a wee bit home sick.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


virtù - ace unpackingvirtù - ode unpackingvirtù - mae unpackingvirtù - ebe unpacking

Slowly slowly the unpacking continues.

The children have been having loads of fun building cubby houses out of some of the left over boxes. So much creativity. So much fun. Love that a simple cardboard box can bring so much joy.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

father’s day

virtù - father's day

Finally getting a bit of creating happening in these parts. For father’s day the children used fabric markers to decorate handkerchiefs for their Dada. They were super excited to make him gifts. It was nice that our littlest one was keen to create too.  I like that they like making things. It’s cool.