I love to sew.  I started sewing at the same time that I started this blog. I had owned a machine for years and years but had never really used it - always too afraid to even thread the machine and my head filled with silly notions that I wouldn't be able to do it.

After coming into receipt of a bag of scrap fabric in April 2009 I dug out my ol' machine and got started - I haven't looked back since.

Why do I love sewing so much? I love the dreaming of what I am going to make at the very beginning, the choosing of materials and then the assembly. Having a finished product is always a buzz - even if there are flaws and bits of wonky. The aspect of sewing that I love the most is the learning - discovering that I am empowered enough to teach myself how to do things, have the perseverance to keep giving it a go, and overcome that niggling voice in my head that works against me and tells me that things are too hard or too complicated. That sense of conquering a challenge  inspires me to run a couple of victory laps around the house, yelling, hooraying, and shaking my fists in the air like I'm Rocky Balboa.

You can take a peep at my sewing adventures here.